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해외명품 브랜드 신상 가격 할인 가격으로 직구 할수 있는 포지에리 직구 입니다. 

Versace 베르사체 선글라스 및 베르사체 가방 신상 할인 가격 포지에리 할인코드 이용하여 직구 했습니다.


Amaze yourself with the newest Versace Handbags, Shoes, Watches and jewelry in a curated online selection from this iconic luxury designer label. The story behind this very Italian brand is closely tied the Versace family, beginning with Gianni, who presented his first collection in Milan in 1978, then with Donatella who inherited the role as creative director in 1997 developing a sought-after line of designer handbags, women's shoes, costume jewelry and luxury watches for the true fashion addict. Under the helm of Donatella, the brand has gone through a metamorphosis, cultivating the heritage of the brand while imbuing a special tough girl rock edge that transitions well with iconic collection pieces. Versace is more than haute couture, it has created some of fashion's most exclusive accessories like the Signature bag that is eternally branded by Medusa, the Vanitas handbags that honors the craftsman heritage with quilted Barocco leather, the shoes collection that raises the seductive level to Amazonian high-heels and statement watches that dares to be noticed. Versace, the universal symbol of decadence and feminine elegance. Buy the most coveted Versace Handbags, Shoes and Watches online in a luxurious Spring/Summer 2017 edit at Forzieri.com


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포지에리 할인코드 직구 이용한 2017년 Versace 베르사체 시계 신상 가격 디자인 입니다.


Corniche - Ladies' Stainless Steel Watch - Versace


Versace 베르사체 가방 신상 가격 정품 걱정없이 2017년 신상 포지에리 할인코드 직구 입니다.



베르사체 가방, 선글라스, 시계 저렴한 가격 신상 할인 이벤트 포지에리 세일 가격 직구 입니다.


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