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Helmut Lang 헬무트 랭 티셔츠헬무트 랭 청자켓 정품 가격 걱정없이 센스 할인코드 직구 방법 입니다.


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헬무트 랭 티셔츠 명품 직구 1위 센스 할인코드 한국까지 무료배송 가능합니다.

Helmut Lang - White Keizo Kitajima Edition Long Sleeve 'September 86' T-Shirt

Helmut Lang 헬무트 랭 직구

Self-taught Austrian designer Helmut Lang launched his namesake label in 1986, with his slim tailoring, cult favorite denim, tech fabrics, and minimalist aesthetic influenced by contemporary art coming to define the “anti-luxury” aesthetic of the 90s. The New York-based label, independent of its founder since 2005, re-emerged in 2017 as an interdisciplinary collective headed by editor-in-residence Isabella Burley. Capturing the progressive spirit of its founder, the label’s contemporary iteration seeks to reinterpret the designer’s influential aesthetic, bringing an emphasis to architectural shapes, modern constructions, and strong but subtle details to its casual yet streamlined separates. Tank tops and hoodies with asymmetrical constructions, innovatively textured leather boots and platform sandals, and beautifully draped dresses capture a gritty yet ethereal feeling perfectly suited to contemporary urban fashion.



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헬무트랭 청자켓 하고 헬무트랭 티셔츠 직구 입니다.


Helmut Lang - Blue Re-Edition Denim Stripe Jacket



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