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Tibi 티비 코트, 원피스 해외 직구 할때는 센스 무료배송 할인코드 직구 방법 입니다.

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Tibi 티비 직구

Founded by Amy Smilovic in 1997, Tibi personifies a clean, colorful, and modern approach to women’s apparel. The New York-based brand, which takes its name from business partner Octavia Hyland’s grandmother, began with a small collection of confidently contemporary dresses. Adapting to the radical changes to the ready-to-wear landscape over the past decade, the maison has managed a truly impressive double-move, refining its aesthetic focus while expanding its range of offerings. Tibi now produces eleven womenswear collections per year, tightly conceptual yet dynamic in range. The contemporary life of the label has seen it move towards an ethos of modestly modernistic preppy-chic. Precise, straight and asymmetrically panelled skirts, midi dresses, and oversized blazers feature prominently, providing the building blocks of the perfectly cosmopolitan, yet eminently practical ensemble.


Tibi 티비 코트 가격 정품 신상 센스 할인코드 무료배송 직구 방법 입니다.

Tibi - Black & White Gingham Trench Coat


Tibi 티비 원피스 한국까지 센스 무료배송 할인코드 직배송 직구 입니다.

Tibi - Red Open Back Sweatshirt Dress


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