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MCM (Mode Creation Munich) was created in1976, in what has been called the Golden Age of Munich. In responding to demand for stylish and durable luggage, MCM combined a desire to be different with a drive for perfection, offering a collection that reflected the time and place of the label’s origin. From this handcrafted, 20-piece collection, MCM has grown to become a favorite of jet-setters around the globe. The MCM commitment to excellence and innovative spirit continue to shape the creative and technical features of every piece. It’s a combination that honors MCM’s heritage and willingness to explore the cutting edge—and for anyone with an MCM piece in hand, it captures the perfect blend of the old school and the new.


MCM 백팩 가방 정품 신상 한국까지 이스트데인 무료배송 직구 방법 입니다.

이스트데인은 샵밥의 남성을 위한 브랜드로서, 전 세계 남성들을 위해 다양하고 스타일리쉬한 남성용 디자인 의류, 신발 및 액세사리 등을 제공합니다.


MCM 가방 디자인 우수하고 해외 백팩 가방 명품 1위 이스트데인 할인코드 직구 방법 입니다.




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