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Valentino 발렌티노 맨투맨 티셔츠, 발렌티노 가방 정품 신상 가격 센스 할인코드 세일 가격 직구 방법 입니다.


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Valentino 발렌티노 맨투맨 티셔츠 정품 가격 센스 할인코드 무료배송 현지 직배송 구매 직구 방법 입니다.

Valentino - Black 'VLTN' T-Shirt



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Valentino 발렌티노 가방 정품 직구

Fashion legend Valentino Garavani founded his namesake line in 1960. His exquisitely embellished gowns won over an international audience of celebrities, socialites, and royalty, and the Valentino name became synonymous with midcentury Italian glamour. Appointed in 2007, creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli brings a youthful and romantic outlook to the label’s couture-quality womenswear. Bohemian and streetwear inspirations alike, from multicolored camouflage and archival chevron prints to lace, printed silk, and fringed suede, bring an artistic depth to outerwear, shorts, dresses, and t-shirts. Striking Valentino’s signature hard/soft balance are the line’s cult favorite Rockstud accessories, which adorn brightly colored bags, shoes, wallets, and sunglasses with edgy pyramid studs.


Valentino - Black Valentino Garavani Medium VRing Shoulder Bag


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